Shop online in the UK and have your goods delivered to Patra! Send parcels to or from Patra!

Patra Express

Shop online at IKEA, Argos, Currys and many more, and have your purchases delivered to Patra for as low as £35.00*

Or send parcels to or from Patra at a discounted rate!

The Patra Express, Nomad International’s new depot-to-depot parcel delivery service, is the cheapest way to shop online in the UK and have your goods delivered to Patra.

Simply order your goods online, have your purchases delivered to our Peterborough warehouse, and we will bring them to Patra. You can then collect the goods from our depot in Charadro!  This is ideal not only for customers in Patra, but for customers in the Peloponnese, the Ionian islands and anwhere in western Greece, as long as you can come to Patra to collect the items.  We can also deliver them to you of course, for an additional cost.

Now we can also arrange collection / delivery from your UK address too!

The price of this service is fully-inclusive of VAT, making the Patra Express the most cost-effective way to transport your goods to Patra.  And you can pay with your Greek credit card! +

* Minimum charge of £35.00 applies to deliveries up to 3 cubic feet in volume. Price includes VAT.
+ Surcharge of 2.0% applies to credit card payments.

To place an order via the Patra Express, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Shop online at any UK retailer and choose the items you would like.  Calculate the total volume of the packages in cubic feet (you can download our pricing calculator to help you).


ikea bathstore_120appleebay

Step 2

Use our pricing calculator to calculate the Patra Express transport cost. The table below outlines the pricing for depot-to-depot services:

Volume Price per Cubic Foot (including VAT) Charge per Order*
1-3cft £0.00 £35.00
4-39cft £7.80 £5.50
40-79cft £6.55 £5.50
80-149cft £5.70 £5.50
> 150cft Call (+44) 1733 311 561 for quote.  Collection from Charadro not applicable: our premium removal service, which includes delivery, will be more cost-effective


New! Our pricing calculator now also calculates the cost of UK transport if required.

If you like you can convert the cost into Euros using a currency converter:  Remember that the actual exchange rate charged will be determined by your bank at the time of the transaction.

You can also compare the cost to standard DHL Pricing or ParcelForce Pricing.  You will see that the Patra Express service compares very favourably on price.  Most carriers base their pricing on “volumetric weight”.  This converts each cubic foot into a “volumetric weight” of 4.5kg to 5.4kg.  So a volume of 3 cubic feet would be charged at at least £64.98 incl VAT (ParcelForce) or £119.95 incl VAT (DHL), and more if the total weight exceeded 17.5kg, compared to £35.00 regardless of weight with the Patra Express.

With the Nomad’s door-to-door removal services and depot-to-depot Patra Express service, the weight of the items does not matter (as long as each package can safely be lifted by two men). Flat-packed furniture, refrigerators, beds & washing machines are no problem. The only time the weight does matter is if you would like us to arrange UK parcel transport for you – in this case each item cannot weigh more than 30kg and there are some dimension restrictions. Please see our FAQ for more information

The only items that we ask not be delivered directly from the retailer to our warehouse are groceries (because the grocers deliver them to us in shopping bags rather than in packed boxes).  Everything else can be delivered directly from the retailer to our warehouse.


We have lowered the cost of insurance to 2.0% of the value of the goods (plus IPT).  IPT is charged at a lower rate than VAT (it is 6%) so the total rate for insurance is 2.12% of the value of the goods, including all taxes.  See our FAQs for more information.

Step 3

Purchase the items from the retailer.  Advise them of the delivery address:

[Your Name]
Nomad International
Celta Distribution Centre
Morley Way

Deliveries can be received at Nomad International between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Step 4

Just complete our booking form below, and we will book you in!  Please remember that we need a completed form in order to transport your goods.  We also prioritise loading according to the order that we receive the booking forms – by completing the form it allows us to allocate space for your consignment.

  Insurance = 2.12% of value

Step 5

Once your goods arrive at our Peterborough depot one of our staff will contact you to confirm the final volume and the price of transport.  They will then take payment from your UK debit card, UK or Greek credit card, or provide the details for a bank transfer.  They will also give you an approximate arrival date in Patra.

For items coming from Patra to the UK, the process is reversed. We will still wait until the items arrive in Peterborough before measuring them up and taking payment. If you have chosen “Please collect from me” in the Booking Form, we will of course contact you straight away to arrange the collection.

Step 6

Your goods will be transported on the next available Patra Express service. Our next departure from Patra to the UK will be on approximately 7th September, and our next departure from the UK to Patra will be on approximately 18th September.  PLEASE NOTE: BOTH OF THESE VEHICLES ARE ALMOST FULLY BOOKED (as of 2nd September) – IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR GOODS TO GO ON THESE VEHICLES PLEASE MAKE YOUR BOOKING ASAP.  To make a booking please use the Booking Form at Step 4 above.  As always please ensure that your goods arrive with us 3 working days prior to departure.

Step 7

As soon as your goods arrive in Patra (or arrive back in the UK if coming from Patra), our team will contact you.


If you have any questions please read our FAQ first. Nomad International prides itself on the excellent customer service it offers to its removal customers, and we are concerned about continuing to offer this high level of service while catering for a much larger number of customers sending small consignments via the Patra Express. Therefore, so that we are able to maintain our high service standards, we ask that Patra Express enquiries be made by email rather than telephone where possible. If you have any questions that are not answered by our FAQ, please send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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